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Welcome to our homepage Grandiflora/FCI/ Westies & Cairns!

My interest in Cynology begins in my early school years.
My first dog was born in 1973 and it was shorthaired standard Dachshund Gizella. Besides
showring, she had passed some hunting practice. Later we were accompanied by dogs
of such breeds as Dalmatians,
Afgan Hounds, Giant Schnauzers, Shih-Tzu, Min.Podengo Portuguese. My passion
of dogs goes around the house and my husband and children are fond of them a lot.

The first Westie came to our home in 1998. We love this breed since then. This small but big in his mind terrier is full of energy, friendly to all people at home, playful in children games, good companion during different trips. For a long time we thought that West Highland White Terrier is all we want. Living with white doggies all the time we started to think about some "coloureds".

We found out the Cairn Terrier, who looks very likely to West Highland White. Those two breeds were related quite close in the past. The first of our Cairns, import from Latvia was born in 2007. Cairns enchanted all of us with their sparkling eyes, wonderful characters and high intelligence. They are full of energy as little shaggy "perpetuum mobile" engines going around us.
All of our dogs are living with us at home. It's a great experience to observe some generations of dogs in one place. Their relations with each other, puppies and youngsters are really interesting and motional. Our little pups are introduced to adults and youngsters usually from 5-6th week of age. Many comical situations take place then. Titles of dogs are not important(although they have many) in such moments only their inventiveness.
Enjoy our site :)

Eva & Co.


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